Stress relief with Popper Pig!

Love Poppers: Love Popper Pig

Everyone has that day. The weather was miserable, work was obnoxious and the commute home was practically a disaster. Then, as you walk into your house you realize t

hat you forgot to stop at the store for dinner. So when you see the Valentine’s day themed Love Popper Pig that was given to you from the fun people at Hog Wild, you of course pick it up, arm it’s mouth with one of its little foam balls and squeeze its belly to shoot your husband. This then breaks into a Popper Pig battle because the husband is armed with his own Pig, and ten minutes later you realize that acting like a kid is actually a great stress reliever.

Hog Wild has a whole line of Poppers, all armed with small foam balls that are placed in the mouth and launched by squeezing the critters stomach. The more force you use, the faster and further the ball flies. They come with six soft foam balls and a net bag to keep them together when you are not in the middle of a fierce popper battle. The balls are soft, so using them indoors with supervision shouldn’t be an issue, and because the balls are bright white, they are easy to find if being played with outside.

Hog Wild offers a huge variety of poppers, from animals to aliens, with most of them being about 12 inches tall. They also offer key chain poppers so you can release your frustrations of being an adult on the go.

Or I guess you could give them to the children in your life. So that the epic battles are not completely one sided.